PEER – Advertising Photographer


PEER are Australia’s leading learning registered training organisation for the Building and Construction Industry. Sweet Lime Photo produce images with PEER for all of their advertising requirements.

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SYC – Advertising Photographer

SYC Donuts Advertising Photographer

We were invited back by the awe-inspiring team from White Rhino to combine thoughts with them on an exciting project with their longstanding client, SYC. A new document was being designed and laid out that required a large range of colourful images to help tell the story. This was absolutely what we love to be a part of and accepted with enthusiasm to join the fun!


Being told during the first meeting that we were onboard again because we “smashed the last job out of the park”, put the pressure on! We love that.. let’s work even harder to bring this one home then! So excited! Advertising Photography is always challenging but so rewarding.

The list of required images was extensive with a lot of thought gone in from everyone involved, setting us on our way to help find suitable locations and backgrounds. Many hours of adventurous exploration brought what was required to move forward and get the the photo shoot days booked in. Of course, there was a small window to work within to get this all done!

Even with rain, early alarms to get to remote location on foot before sunrise, misplaced car keys, and some heavy wind requiring two people to hold onto a light stand, everything that makes us think harder, it is an absolute testament to everyone involved that every part of each day ran so smoothly and was truly brilliant. All images were delivered on time and the finished document told the story perfectly, with everyone at SYC still talking about how much they love the images months later. So proud 🙂

Looking forward to the next chapter..!

The Back Centre – Corporate Photographer ADELAIDE

Back Centre Lifestyle Commercial Photographer Adelaide

I remember shopping for a chair to sit at the computer with that was a bit different, and at the time, I remember seeing this super specialised shop, The Back Centre, that sell exactly just that! They were incredibly awesome on the phone when I spoke with them and the same day I had driven down and back with a loan chair to try. It was such a fantastic service, and of course I ended up purchasing the chair!

So.. now years later, I had a call from the funky team @ Figtree who said they have a seating client needing images produced for a new website.. well.. guess who that happened to be! How excited were we!

Through careful planning, style guides, attention to the details and plenty of communication, we arranged and re-arranged, then arranged, and I think re-arranged again..! a serious number of times, with the awesomely brilliant help of everyone involved, the showroom.. into various sets to showcase the products the Back Centre have on offer. Lots of laughs, more than plenty of chairs & tables, lots of fantastic people and lots of perfect harmonious energy brought the whole suite of images together super smoothly.

Again, we LOVE our job, and we love the people we meet and work with along the way. It’s all just so, well.. meant to be! Thanks to Figtree for having us along, and thanks to everyone at the Back Centre, Martha for Hair & Makeup and Neil for being the best additional impromptu assistant.. You’re all Soooo fantastic!

Thrive Physio Plus

Thrive Physio Personal Training Corporate Photographer

The inspirational Team from Thrive Physio Plus in Highgate got in touch recently as they were needing a range of new images to help show their business to the world. Personal training has taken hold, and Thrive have got a funky, clean and fresh studio happening in the heart of Highgate, South Australia, where they offer a huge range of professional services to keep your body working at its best. 

The people we work with are always so passionate and excited about their business, with the guys and girls from Thrive being exactly that.. You can tell they absolutely love what they do, and are so motivated and proud to be living their dream. 

Theres nothing more rewarding for us, when you can share the enthusiasm and collaborate, to bring what we do with photography into a business and all work together to fulfil the vision and expectations of everyone involved, we LOVE this!

Through a whole bunch of camera acrobatics to get the angles, working efficiently so we didn’t wear out the very friendly models on the super new and shiny equipment, and coordinating with the super smooth business owners, we had a fantastically productive and fun day creating the images they had in mind.

Thanks so much Thrive!

Tonsley Innovation District

Tonsley Innovation District Garden Wide Commercial Photographer Adelaide

It seems an appropriate time to share some of our experiences and images of the simply amazing Tonsley Innovation District, right after their National Kone Award Win at the National Property Council of Australia Excellence Awards.

We have worked with both the ‘as always’, remarkable team from Renewal SA, and the down to earth and relaxed crew from Oxigen Landscape Architects, to create, on a number of different occasions and for different end uses, a range of images showing off this amazing South Australian productive hub.
Both inside with the dedicated real world learning and research areas, established businesses and startups, combining with the beautiful gardens and landscape architecture to create a truly comfortable and familiar experience, it is exceptionally cool to see the old Mitsubishi production site regenerated to offer amazing areas for people to learn, work, collaborate and study amongst, in a fantastically practical environment.

Through a mix of meticulously organised photo shoots, to the odd one with only hours to pull together, it was a great success on every occasion. We so love being involved with every project we are invited to create images for and Tonsley absolutely delivered an awesome adventure for us!

Lindbloms Lawyers

Lindbloms Group Corporate Photography Adelaide

It’s a beautiful thing to have a new client get in touch and tell you how much they love your work and are so excited to work with you! A lovely voice from Lindbloms Lawyers graced us with this recently, leading to a whole bunch of fun photography for their cinema advertising and to update their website.

We always love being given the opportunity to share and look for ideas around the work place, and create images together that everyone is super excited about. This is what brings it all together for us, especially when it’s smiles all the way!

The team at Lindbloms were super friendly and helpful, right down to coordinating traffic control, making our job an absolute pleasure.

Look forward to seeing them on the big screen!

Kat Bray Speech Pathology

Kat Bray Happy Commercial Photographer Adelaide

Well.. I’m fairly certain that amongst all the wonderful people out there, which we continually have the luxury of working with, that Kat from Kat Bray Speech Pathology in North Adelaide, just happens to possibly be one of the most polite and beautifully spoken, not to mention friendliest people we have ever met!

With really nothing a problem, combined with copious amounts of kindness, it was an absolute pleasure working with Kat, and many of her wonderful clients to produce a range of images for her new website

From the moment I met Kat it was a little like I’d stepped into a fairytale with so many lovely words, and heartfelt smiles to bring the best out of anyone!

This all combined beautifully on the day to seamlessly roll through Kat’s wish list of images, which was on any measure fairly exhausting, but so worth it!

We all need some of this attention from time to time and everyone that Kat helps, I’m guessing, feel super blessed they ever found her 🙂



Well.. what an awesome adventure we had with Onkaparinga Valley Residential Care and the happy people that both live and work there! We don’t do an abundance of video but definitely love the opportunity to capture moments in motion 🙂

With the seamless transition between activities, curated beautifully by Gail, Lifestyle Coordinator, and the most happy and friendly residents, the whole day ran silky smooth leaving a warm smile on everyone!

It’s pretty special to see such a happy community attending and interacting with people that really love every little bit of time they spend with their friends, family and carers. Life’s a pretty amazing thing and every little bit of happiness and respect goes a seriously long way!

We really truly appreciate and love being able to have these valuable experiences in what we do and thank everyone for every opportunity!

Norwood Council


We had the most vibrant and happy phone call from the Norwood council the other month, asking us to help out with a range of new images for them to use in various publications, website and their annual report.

We found ourselves running around all over the Norwood and Paynhem area, meeting new people and seeing new places and things that we were immersed in creating fun photographs of. From interior and exterior architecture through to happy and quirky portraits, not to forget the beautiful little ballerinas in their majestic like tutu’s.

Coordination craziness and fancy deadlines slotted almost completely seamlessly together on every occasion, bringing the whole show together with a smile;)!
There’s a bunch of pretty awesome people putting in a huge amount of effort, to keep things rolling and getting things done, for such an array of exciting projects within the Norwood Council. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to meet and work with most of them and their chirping personalities.

Happy times 🙂

Check out the Norwood Council website if you want to learn more about them.

Wotherspoon Wealth

Wotherspoon Wealth Meeting

It’s a beautiful thing when you arrive at a job and are repeatedly and continuously treated as part of the family. The whole team in the office stand to both greet you and again to say goodbye when you leave! A bit special really! It makes us smile seeing that people are always excited and happy and loving what they are doing.

We have worked closely with Wotherspoon Wealth to produce a range of images for their new website which has been on every occasion a whole bunch of fun and at the same time a productive and rewarding experience for everyone.

Not to push them..! but these guys are truly calm and a real people group that look as though care is their number one goal, which from our experience makes them a winner!

Marshall Day Acoustics

Sir Harold Marshall Corporate Portrait

There seems to be an amazing selection of jobs unheard of to us that are slowly being revealed as we are invited to photograph their businesses. Marshall Day, an Australian business operating throughout the world who specialise in Acoustic Consulting and precision sound travel intrigued us recently with what they do.

We were asked to photograph portraits of them in an outdoor environment which turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year! Apart from spending all day in the amazing heat we learned about how they work tightly with architects and builders to ensure that auditoriums amongst other theaters and venues including the new Adelaide Convention Centre reflect sound so that it is heard with the same clarity both close to the stage and right up into the top level balconies. This related straight away to us with how light is reflected and bounced in both our photography work and the natural world.

The team at Marshall Day were like a big happy family with the founder, Sir Harold Marshall still happily involved after more than 34 years.

What an exciting business!

Just Bliss Chocolates

Just Bliss Chocolates Bus Advertisments

It’s not every day you are surrounded by mountains of small, yet beautifully delicate chocolates that you can touch but not eat! Well .. not us anyway!
We were asked by Adelaide company, ‘Just Bliss‘ to create some images showing off their hand crafted praline collections that were to be used on the sides of buses to promote their newest shop right off of Rundle Mall in Gawler Place.

Just Bliss Chocolate Bus

Above Image supplied by APN Outdoor

With the aroma of fresh chocolate filling the studio, white gloves and patience, we carefully constructed the final images. How exciting to think these little jewel like chocolates were going to be around 100 times their actual size travelling around Adelaide on the sides of buses. An awesome effort from everyone involved.. Well done.
Oh.. and we did get to eat many of them when we were finished, of course sharing with family and friends! Yum 🙂