Kat Bray Happy Commercial Photographer Adelaide

Well.. I’m fairly certain that amongst all the wonderful people out there, which we continually have the luxury of working with, that Kat from Kat Bray Speech Pathology in North Adelaide, just happens to possibly be one of the most polite and beautifully spoken, not to mention friendliest people we have ever met!

With really nothing a problem, combined with copious amounts of kindness, it was an absolute pleasure working with Kat, and many of her wonderful clients to produce a range of images for her new website www.katbray.com

From the moment I met Kat it was a little like I’d stepped into a fairytale with so many lovely words, and heartfelt smiles to bring the best out of anyone!

This all combined beautifully on the day to seamlessly roll through Kat’s wish list of images, which was on any measure fairly exhausting, but so worth it!

We all need some of this attention from time to time and everyone that Kat helps, I’m guessing, feel super blessed they ever found her 🙂

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