People are such an exciting part of our world! We work with a large variety of so many different people through out so many different businesses from very small startups to extremely large international companies. We absolutely love creating corporate portraits with beautiful backgrounds and working with teams and individuals doing what they do. There are so many options and ways to compose corporate photography which is what drives us in every single project that we work on. We light most of our work with Broncolor portable flash to bring out the best colour and contrast possible.
Being connected with our Canon Mirrorless cameras to our Apple laptop that sits proudly on our luxurious Inovativ trolley, all images are seen instantly as we go, making sure that everyone is happy before moving on to the next scene. People are so much fun, and as a pretty general summary, I would comfortably say that everybody wants to feel happy and look fantastic. This is something that we naturally enjoy working toward with everyone being incredibly perfect! After so many years of working as a professional photographer, we still have the same, if not more excitement and commitment to making every corporate photoshoot or commercial photoshoot the absolute best it can be. We are always honoured to be part of creating amazing images that tell the visual story for so many people, businesses and companies, and continually look forward to everything that comes next.

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