PEER – Advertising Photographer


PEER are Australia’s leading learning registered training organisation for the Building and Construction Industry. Sweet Lime Photo produce images with PEER for all of their advertising requirements.

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Almerta Station – Advertising Photography

Almerta Station Advertising Photography Sunset

The day arrived to set off on our incredibly rewarding adventure up North in the Flinders Ranges. We were fully prepared with all gear, cameras, lights and supplies for three days at the beautiful Almerta Station, just north of Orroroo in South Australia. It was so exciting to finally be driving down the entrance road to meet Shane who apparently was equally as excited to meet us! How perfectly exciting! 

After settling in to our homestead, Shane chauffeured us around her gorgeous Flinders Ranges property deciding where we were going to capture moments for the advertising photography she had planned to promote her station.

With so many opportunities and gorgeous locations for beautiful images, we made plans to easily fill the following two days. 

Between happy smiley kids and families completely loving the outdoors, stunning scenery and views from within the creek to the tops of the hills, the peaceful water hole, and the ever so loyal red dog who so diligently accompanied us to the top of the hill before sunset.. of course wanting to be in every photograph! ..our adventure was a complete success. 

Together we all created a range of images that bring to life the feelings and emotions that Almerta is all about.

We were so grateful to be part of this advertising photography project and loved absolutely every minute of our time up there. 

Almerta Station Advertising Photography Kids Playing Nature Play
Almerta Station Advertising Photography Rock Climbing

SYC – Advertising Photographer

SYC Donuts Advertising Photographer

We were invited back by the awe-inspiring team from White Rhino to combine thoughts with them on an exciting project with their longstanding client, SYC. A new document was being designed and laid out that required a large range of colourful images to help tell the story. This was absolutely what we love to be a part of and accepted with enthusiasm to join the fun!


Being told during the first meeting that we were onboard again because we “smashed the last job out of the park”, put the pressure on! We love that.. let’s work even harder to bring this one home then! So excited! Advertising Photography is always challenging but so rewarding.

The list of required images was extensive with a lot of thought gone in from everyone involved, setting us on our way to help find suitable locations and backgrounds. Many hours of adventurous exploration brought what was required to move forward and get the the photo shoot days booked in. Of course, there was a small window to work within to get this all done!

Even with rain, early alarms to get to remote location on foot before sunrise, misplaced car keys, and some heavy wind requiring two people to hold onto a light stand, everything that makes us think harder, it is an absolute testament to everyone involved that every part of each day ran so smoothly and was truly brilliant. All images were delivered on time and the finished document told the story perfectly, with everyone at SYC still talking about how much they love the images months later. So proud 🙂

Looking forward to the next chapter..!

G’Day Meat – Advertising Photographer Adelaide

Gday Meat Eye Fillet Advertising Photographer Adelaide

Meat, meat, some chicken, some pork, and more meat! In fact, three full days of photographing meat! What an absolute adventure, working with the team from G’day Meat.. so passionate, friendly and absolutely driven to grow their passion of selling quality meat online.

The studio was all go with meticulous prepping, cleaning, handling & styling of all the varying cuts & varieties, some small, some majestic, some fiddly, and a tomahawk steak that nearly needed two people to lift! ..this was a seriously intense few days that was super exciting and had us all completely immersed. I had never imagined a job like this would emerge for us in the wonderful world of commercial photography.. again, every single job we are presented with, we get so excited about and bring everything we possibly can including all the enthusiasm we can fit in to make sure everyone leaves smiling!

Being part of the G’day Meat re brand, with our part as advertising photographer was absolutely awesome, and can’t wait to see them out there in full flight.. sending meat all over the place!

The only thing missing during the photo shoots was the bbq! Hmm;)! ..but there were a few vegetables!

Simply Energy Event Cinemas – Advertising Photography Adelaide

EVENT CINEMA Simply Energy Horror Advertising Photographer

We love movies, we love going to the movies, we love our job, we love advertising photography. How amazing to bring it all together in a photoshoot for Simply Energy & their Event Cinemas Gold Class Campaigns. The awesomely calm and so inspirational team from White Rhino asked us to get involved to help create a suite of images bringing this all to life, which of course we were stupidly excited about!

After taking over the cinema, and creating our own movie like set with lights, cameras, hair & makeup, which is pretty much how most photoshoots go, but in the cinema it had a differently incredible feel.. we got on with the movies! Happy, Sad & horror.. all in the front row! What better place to be?! Actually, I personally love it in the back row;)!

Each movie was set to the sound of us, talking and laughing our way through every funny story, and in particular, the childhood fear that exploded perfectly in a rush of popcorn, and the most delightfully horrified faces that had us laughing with such absolutely brilliant success! What a show! I’d love to watch it again!

A HUGE thanks to everyone involved, including Carly Dabinet for her tasteful hair & makeup, Fabulous Models – Michelle Hunter, Cliff Kusmierz, Celia Voivodich, & Moya Hamam.

So many amazing movies around.. What will you see next?!

The Smelly Cheese Shop – Commercial Photographer ADELAIDE

Smelly Cheese Product Platter Commercial Photographer

I can’t believe how excited we get when the unloading of our huge amount of equipment begins, and start setting up for a seriously long day of cheese photography! Lights, cameras, ladders, props, backgrounds, stands, sandbags, tiles, wooden boards, computer, tripods, everything and more that we need as a commercial photographer! It always looks like so much, but then once we’re setup, and are using nearly everything we brought in, we think, wow! ..not to mention, how much exercise, steps and muscle toning there is going on!

The smell of amazing cheeses, the textures, colours, shapes, sizes and patterns, the vibrant conversation and enthusiasm from everyone on set, the loving of beautiful French accents expressing the sweet passionate L’amour of cheese and its appeal in each image, how could you ever want to do anything else! We love when everyone gets involved, ideas grow, cheese begins to shine, and beautiful images are created.. so truly rewarding 🙂 A huge THANK YOU to all the wonderful people that go out of their way to really make these photo shoots run so smoothly.

The Smelly Cheese Shop team are so much fun, and they exquisitely live, breathe and eat cheese! They of course sell a lot of it through their busy shop too! If you love cheese, or even if you just like cheese, make sure you give them a visit when you’re at the Adelaide Central Market next.

Fresh, Chèvre, Hard, Blue.. what’s your favourite?!


The Back Centre – Corporate Photographer ADELAIDE

Back Centre Lifestyle Commercial Photographer Adelaide

I remember shopping for a chair to sit at the computer with that was a bit different, and at the time, I remember seeing this super specialised shop, The Back Centre, that sell exactly just that! They were incredibly awesome on the phone when I spoke with them and the same day I had driven down and back with a loan chair to try. It was such a fantastic service, and of course I ended up purchasing the chair!

So.. now years later, I had a call from the funky team @ Figtree who said they have a seating client needing images produced for a new website.. well.. guess who that happened to be! How excited were we!

Through careful planning, style guides, attention to the details and plenty of communication, we arranged and re-arranged, then arranged, and I think re-arranged again..! a serious number of times, with the awesomely brilliant help of everyone involved, the showroom.. into various sets to showcase the products the Back Centre have on offer. Lots of laughs, more than plenty of chairs & tables, lots of fantastic people and lots of perfect harmonious energy brought the whole suite of images together super smoothly.

Again, we LOVE our job, and we love the people we meet and work with along the way. It’s all just so, well.. meant to be! Thanks to Figtree for having us along, and thanks to everyone at the Back Centre, Martha for Hair & Makeup and Neil for being the best additional impromptu assistant.. You’re all Soooo fantastic!

Thrive Physio Plus

Thrive Physio Personal Training Corporate Photographer

The inspirational Team from Thrive Physio Plus in Highgate got in touch recently as they were needing a range of new images to help show their business to the world. Personal training has taken hold, and Thrive have got a funky, clean and fresh studio happening in the heart of Highgate, South Australia, where they offer a huge range of professional services to keep your body working at its best. 

The people we work with are always so passionate and excited about their business, with the guys and girls from Thrive being exactly that.. You can tell they absolutely love what they do, and are so motivated and proud to be living their dream. 

Theres nothing more rewarding for us, when you can share the enthusiasm and collaborate, to bring what we do with photography into a business and all work together to fulfil the vision and expectations of everyone involved, we LOVE this!

Through a whole bunch of camera acrobatics to get the angles, working efficiently so we didn’t wear out the very friendly models on the super new and shiny equipment, and coordinating with the super smooth business owners, we had a fantastically productive and fun day creating the images they had in mind.

Thanks so much Thrive!

Royal Essence

Royal Essence Pink Commercial Photographer

We absolutely LOVE learning about small ideas that some clever person has had and turned into a booming business! It’s one of those inspiring yet, wish I had thought of that feelings that makes the roller coaster and adventure of life so awesome. We were asked by the very energetic and passionate about her business, Hannah, from Royal Essence to put together a range of colourful images, showing off her crazily brilliant idea of hiding a GUARANTEED 925 Sterling Silver Ring, Earring or Necklace inside Bath Bombs, Candles & other hand made by her team in South Australia products, to use on their instagram and other marketing.

Between fancy finger nail artwork and colour changes by the fabulous Natasha Keneally, the elegantly poised hands of Jenna Hudson holding props and laden with rings on her fingers, we enjoyed every minute of bringing together a bunch of very cool images in the studio that everyone was super excited about.

We even managed to get through the shoot without eating every prop beforehand:)!

feather & PECK

Feather & Peck Proud Chicken Commercial Photography Adelaide

It’s always so exciting when our job takes us on an adventure, to capture the essence of a particular business. This time being the ethical egg company, feather & PECK, who produce Pastured Free Range Eggs on farms in the beautiful rolling hills of The Fleurieu, South Australia. We were part of the team working closely with Ros from onecrunch to create images and video for the their new packaging, website and promotional materials.

It was an early start, with the fresh, crisp morning air and dew drops covering the lush green grass around the chickens home and playground. At first light, the chickens were awake and chatting away amongst themselves waiting for the door of their beautifully engineered caravan to open, so they could  go outside for the days frolicking. We needed video of their grand appearance which all went perfectly to plan as their was no way to get them all back inside for a second take! Have a look at the video below.


The chooks were all so super friendly and clearly loved posing for the camera, although only for a moment, while the fluffy white Marrema dogs that live with them generally lounged around with a larger than life presence that didn’t give away that they were a working dog with a job to do. They were super relaxed, yet had an instinct that quickly alerted them to any possible harm that may be close by. Now and then they would come check us out, with a little lick on the hand for reassurance that we weren’t going to hurt the little ones. We were lucky to see them in action though as they rounded the chooks up so methodically and moved them to their caravan so quickly. We were not sure what happened, but the Marrema’s were impressively efficient.

Our day was full of surprises with chickens possibly mistaking our feet for food?! Chickens flying onto our shoulders, possibly for a better look from up high, even making their way onto our heads! One chooky even decided they liked the idea of hanging in our car with all the camera gear, making herself comfortable enough to lay an egg!

We all had an amazing time on the feather & PECK farm.. meeting the farmers and their families who are so passionate about ensuring their chickens are as happy and comfortable as possible, all of the time. It was a unique experience getting up close and personal with these beautifully happy and chirpy little hens from the hills, as they clucked and pecked in their huge natural playground. Pretty simple life really!

If you get a minute, take a look at their website and look out for feather & PECK eggs in your supermarket or cafe, you will really love them!

Paint Professionals

Maintenance Australia Building Services Commercial Photography Adelaide

Over the past few years, we have had a whole bunch of fun working closely with Marty from The Paint Professionals, Maintenance Australia & Paint Pad as well as Ros from One Crunch Websites, producing a range of different images to bring Marty’s businesses to life. Marty is one of the most calm and relaxed people I know and has the most warm & soothing voice to communicate with! The kind of personality you need to run multiple businesses!

Each photography project we have all worked on together is always such a compilation of excitement & adventure as we explore ideas to showcase Marty’s work. From playing with paint and props in the Studio to coordinating people and furniture outdoors in the morning sun, every shoot has been so much fun and so rewarding for everyone involved.

Our appreciation of Marty’s kindness and professionalism for his business is reinforced by his clients who we have spent time with capturing their thoughts, feelings and thank you’s on video.

We thoroughly enjoy every minute working with Marty & Ros and always look forward to whatever comes along next.

Play Pouch

Pouch Australia Aqua Pouch by Pool Commercial Photographer Adelaide

Pouch Australia is an Adelaide business started by two Super mums, Kate and Kate, who are the inspirational creatives behind this homegrown and now global company!

Starting from a ‘quick tidy’ idea for cleaning up and organising their own kids toys and play things, it is now being used in homes that want a simple tidy and storage solution that the child can manage with ease. This sounded like something we would absolutely love to be involved with 🙂
We were invited to produce a range of images to be used for their upcoming marketing and advertising photography campaigns, which we were super excited about.

Pouch Australia wanted their product to come to life, showing that they are fun, strong and modern, using funky designer fabrics, with their latest Aqua Pouch being waterproof, and that the kids can clean up easily and happily with minimum fuss.

The Pouch Australia photoshoot was a buzz of excitement, from the moment we met the crew/owners and their lovely, well mannered children who were the wonderful little models. The 2 Kates were so excited to be able to bring their ideas and inspirations to life through our photography.
With a plan, and some serious amounts of enthusiasm, complimented by happy communication, the day went super smooth, with each shot being an absolute pleasure to work through.

Setting up each photo and capturing children doing what they just do naturally, although some prompting and guidance is nearly always needed to get this rolling, is so rewarding.

Creating the waterproof AquaPouch image was a lot of splashing fun! We had a super hot day to work with, which was perfect for our little model whose feet were comfortably immersed in the twinkling water of the pool. Considering we all wanted to jump in and cool off, everyone did a fantastic job at staying focussed on getting the the right shot. Speaking of the right shot, we nearly always shoot connected to a laptop, so that we can preview on a large screen what we are getting as we go, making it a more precise and efficient experience for everyone involved.

This fun filled and productive day was such a creative and logistical yet completely satisfying whirlwind! A huge thanks to everyone involved.. Tristelle, Em, Neil (from the UK!) Serrelle and of course all the wonderful kids.

So loved this :)!