With a shortage of qualified tradespeople within the construction industry, PEER, the largest employer of apprentices within the building industry in South Australia are doing an incredible job of professionally training and mentoring students, through both VET in Schools, and anyone else who is seeking or requiring upskilling or skills recognition.

We were approached by the fantastic team from marketing at PEER, to help produce a fresh suite of professional photography, to give a feeling of what they get up to in both their multi storey purpose built training academy in Albert Park, as well as out in the field on active work sites. These images are to be used throughout PEER’s advertising, in brochures, on their website, banners, billboards, buses and anywhere else they will be promoting their business.

We have had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing trainees, who are motivated and extremely passionate in their journey through PEER’s training services. Led by not just teachers, but teachers who are, or have been in the field themselves, creating an environment of professional yet friendly, fun and welcoming, which is the perfect balance to help us all construct beautiful images for their advertising photography requirements! With time taken to carefully light each scene, balance and adjust composition, with input from the team as they see images come up on computer screen as we go, the final products are loved by everyone.

So looking forward to the exciting adventures that come next!

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