There’s always a huge excitement that bounces around when we’re packing for an adventure on the road with our next Commercial Photography project! I’m pretty sure the teams from Swire Kalari who spend a whole lot more time on the road than us must be pretty happy with their levels of excitement! 

We were invited to join the crew @ Port Augusta in creating a suite of still images, aerial and video that they would be using throughout their websites and other advertising. We were of course jumping to get into it! Through careful planning and coordination, we juggled days to ensure people were available.. being a busy depot, there is a lot of movement with transport coming and going. Saying that, juggling seems to be one of the major elements of being a Commercial Photographer, as well as being as flexible as possible, (sounding a lot like a circus act!) and keeping communication at the top of the priority list. Combining all of this with meeting new people and telling their stories though the camera, keeps us undeniably in love with what we do. 

After a solid early morning start, the day was rolling, along with some super large trucks with so many wheels it was hard to visualise! We dodged the rain, and worked as efficiently as possible moving our immaculately practical Inovativ Voyager Trolley, that continues to keep us smiling on every single job, around the depot with our camera, laptop and lighting gear. We possibly couldn’t live without this trolley now! We covered off the whole brief with everyone extremely happy with both the process and the images that they could see on laptop screen as we go. 

We loved every minute of the whole process of this job, from initial FaceTime meeting to delivering final files. 

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