They say not to work with children and animals.! not sure who ‘they’ are?! ..we absolutely love working with both children and animals, having spent a lot of time photographing at schools and childcare centres, as well as The Guide Dogs and Lions Hearing Dogs. There are always challenges, but that’s all part of the fun and excitement, often creating some of the best memories from the photoshoot.

Recently we were asked by Nazareth Catholic College to help put together a range of Portraits of the year 12 students.. so not kids, rather almost young adults!

The brief was super inspiring with each student to be looking toward their future pathway. With a super short turn around time and the students making their way back after being finished for the year!.. we worked our way around the newly finished, super impressive campus, creating beautiful images with unique backgrounds for each student to set them off into the next stage of their dream pathway. I think it was as exciting for us as it was for the students, watching the collection of images unfold through the vision of the team from Nazareth Marketing and us all working together.. their were smiles all around as we kept ticking the boxes throughout the photoshoot.

It was an amazing adventure and we loved every minute of working with the wonderful assortment of students, learning about their dreams, creating a beautiful suite of advertising photography.

Looking forward to seeing the images on the large advertising screens wherever they end up.

Thanks so much for having us!

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