We are always looking for different angles and perspectives and heights to tell the story through photography with as much variation as possible, and what better way to add more dimension than to get in the sky. I used to have dreams when I was younger of being able to fly, and could never really get it right! Birds are so lucky to just take off and float in the air enjoying the views!

Aerial views in photography are so common now, but still every time we head up, the same excitement happens, either through the drone or in a helicopter.. although the helicopter is on a whole different level of excitement!

Rising up to see the world gradually appear larger and larger is truly exhilarating!

We currently use the DJI Inspire 3 with Zenmuse X9 Camera and a variety of lenses to capture both still images and video vision. Due to the weight of this drone, we were required to obtain a CASA license which also allows us more freedom in where and when we can fly, making many more photoshoots possible.

If you have a moment, take a look at some more of our Aerial Drone Photography.

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