Capricorn are an amazing Automotive Cooperative offering a large range services and tools to keep their businesses running as efficiently as possible. We have been part of telling the photographic story of a large variety of vehicle based repair businesses for many years now for Capricorn. We absolutely love the challenge every single time, in producing a suite of Commercial Photography that is used throughout all of their marketing requirements. Creating these images is always so exciting.. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to be creative and piecing together many different elements to portray beautifully pleasing images that tell the story. 

We love the adventure of meeting new people and finding images that we can create within their workplace. With carefully thought through lighting, lens choice and composition, we thrive on bringing the absolute best out of every single scene that we work with. It is a little bit like a kid in a candy shop, as they would say, when we arrive at each location.. There are so many options and ideas to work with, some stand right out from the start, and others are a little hidden and take some more more nurturing. Either way, everyone is always fantastic to work with and are a little secretly excited I am sure to be in front of the camera! Everyone gets to see their beautiful selves on the laptop as we go, and I’m fairly certain that no one has run away yet!

Always looking forward to the next one!

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