Pouch Australia Aqua Pouch by Pool Commercial Photographer Adelaide

Pouch Australia is an Adelaide business started by two Super mums, Kate and Kate, who are the inspirational creatives behind this homegrown and now global company!

Starting from a ‘quick tidy’ idea for cleaning up and organising their own kids toys and play things, it is now being used in homes that want a simple tidy and storage solution that the child can manage with ease. This sounded like something we would absolutely love to be involved with 🙂
We were invited to produce a range of images to be used for their upcoming marketing and advertising photography campaigns, which we were super excited about.

Pouch Australia wanted their product to come to life, showing that they are fun, strong and modern, using funky designer fabrics, with their latest Aqua Pouch being waterproof, and that the kids can clean up easily and happily with minimum fuss.

The Pouch Australia photoshoot was a buzz of excitement, from the moment we met the crew/owners and their lovely, well mannered children who were the wonderful little models. The 2 Kates were so excited to be able to bring their ideas and inspirations to life through our photography.
With a plan, and some serious amounts of enthusiasm, complimented by happy communication, the day went super smooth, with each shot being an absolute pleasure to work through.

Setting up each photo and capturing children doing what they just do naturally, although some prompting and guidance is nearly always needed to get this rolling, is so rewarding.

Creating the waterproof AquaPouch image was a lot of splashing fun! We had a super hot day to work with, which was perfect for our little model whose feet were comfortably immersed in the twinkling water of the pool. Considering we all wanted to jump in and cool off, everyone did a fantastic job at staying focussed on getting the the right shot. Speaking of the right shot, we nearly always shoot connected to a laptop, so that we can preview on a large screen what we are getting as we go, making it a more precise and efficient experience for everyone involved.

This fun filled and productive day was such a creative and logistical yet completely satisfying whirlwind! A huge thanks to everyone involved.. Tristelle, Em, Neil (from the UK!) Serrelle and of course all the wonderful kids.

So loved this :)!


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