We had the most vibrant and happy phone call from the Norwood council the other month, asking us to help out with a range of new images for them to use in various publications, website and their annual report.

We found ourselves running around all over the Norwood and Paynhem area, meeting new people and seeing new places and things that we were immersed in creating fun photographs of. From interior and exterior architecture through to happy and quirky portraits, not to forget the beautiful little ballerinas in their majestic like tutu’s.

Coordination craziness and fancy deadlines slotted almost completely seamlessly together on every occasion, bringing the whole show together with a smile;)!
There’s a bunch of pretty awesome people putting in a huge amount of effort, to keep things rolling and getting things done, for such an array of exciting projects within the Norwood Council. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to meet and work with most of them and their chirping personalities.

Happy times 🙂

Check out the Norwood Council website if you want to learn more about them.

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