The beautiful people @ Beerenberg are so super pleasant and fun to work with 🙂 There’s such a relaxed and positive vibe that everyone seems to have going on, in Australia’s favourite Family Farm for Condiments & Sauces.

We have been photographing a range of different things for them over the years and loved every minute of all of it. Through finessing in the studio or spending time up on and around the Farm in Hahndorf, there’s always a fantastically huge smile from the inside on every job!

We are pretty lucky to have sampled possibly every product Beerenberg produce and seem to be happily having regular stock of our favourites in the home at all times! ..not to mention helping to grow the addiction in many of our friends and family too!

Really truly loving being a part of the inspirational and exciting journey with Beerenberg and can’t wait to see what yummy sensation they will come out with next!

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