Tonsley Innovation District Garden Wide Commercial Photographer Adelaide

It seems an appropriate time to share some of our experiences and images of the simply amazing Tonsley Innovation District, right after their National Kone Award Win at the National Property Council of Australia Excellence Awards.

We have worked with both the ‘as always’, remarkable team from Renewal SA, and the down to earth and relaxed crew from Oxigen Landscape Architects, to create, on a number of different occasions and for different end uses, a range of images showing off this amazing South Australian productive hub.
Both inside with the dedicated real world learning and research areas, established businesses and startups, combining with the beautiful gardens and landscape architecture to create a truly comfortable and familiar experience, it is exceptionally cool to see the old Mitsubishi production site regenerated to offer amazing areas for people to learn, work, collaborate and study amongst, in a fantastically practical environment.

Through a mix of meticulously organised photo shoots, to the odd one with only hours to pull together, it was a great success on every occasion. We so love being involved with every project we are invited to create images for and Tonsley absolutely delivered an awesome adventure for us!

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