The Adelaide Review Form April 2015

When I first met Warwick and Amanda from WAX Design, I couldn’t believe how truly respectful, classy and genuinely polite these two were! I know there are wonderful people out there but had to think twice about how nicely they spoke! Full of compliments and extruding super calm personalities we were drawn into their world where the rest of the WAX team spend much of their time.

We have been invited in to photograph these super relaxed creative crew, and sent lovingly around the state capturing the awesome landscape architecture that they create.

Recently we were asked to photograph their new Pirie Street Studio which is a gorgeous space that we thoroughly enjoyed spending time in. Combined with the beautiful recycled timber pieces from Samantha Agostino & Gareth Brown, (Agostino & Brown) and the passionate attention to uncovering and restoring the original raw interior, this space is somewhere I’d be more than happy to spend large chunks of time:)

The Adelaide Review used one of our images on the front of their Form Segment ‘Ethical design in practice’ where they interviewed Samantha & Gareth about their approach to sustainable practices in design. The WAX Design office was featured throughout the article. If you get a moment have a look.

Well done everyone and thanks too!

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