Market Street Adelaide Interior Daytime Small

It’s a wonderful thing to know someone who always compliments you, smiles with their heart and speaks with such excitable, yet calm and positive enthusiasm. Samantha Agostino peacefully ticks all those boxes making every conversation and meeting we have, and every job we do for her an absolute joy!
Not only is she a super cool person but her interior design work clearly reflects everything mentioned above!

We were asked to photograph one of her recent projects called ‘Market St’, a new cafe/market in Market Street, right near the Adelaide Central Markets.

Filled with intricately finessed details, a stylish blend of materials & textures, making for an awesome commercial photography project that we loved being a part of.

This vibrant fit out, graced with the combined talents of Graphic Designer – Lauren Lepore and Architect – Domenico Allegretto, is a real gem that stands right out in its grungy environment.

Not only does it look fantastic but the food is sensational too!

Have a look at more images from this project.


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