Technical Urethanes Flame

It’s so fascinating to see what people get up to in their jobs and workplaces, from the details to the whole picture bringing together why we absolutely love what we do! There’s a real excitement of seeing something wonderful and new along with meeting superb people that inspire motivation.

We recently were asked to get involved with a new website build by One Crunch for Technical Urethanes and create a suite of images showing off what they create, and elements of the processes they go through. This type of work always excites us, being up close and getting to see what goes on behind the scenes.

These guys manufacture a huge variety of custom specific polyurethane components for many different industry and manufacturing applications. They have a super methodical process going on, yet happily included us along for the hand made journey of some very cool products. The Technical Urethanes team are so passionate about their work making our job an absolute dream, with colourful, funky looking components made by crew who love what they do. It’s perfect when people put their heart into a project making for a rewarding end product for everyone.

Thanks guys for the the rocking insight into your niche, specialised business of Polyurethane.

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