Oxigen Landscape Architects Roof Top Garden

Adelaide is clearly growing into a city with a niche of impressive buildings, beautiful places to hang out and office spaces that make you want to live at work!

Speaking of fantastic work spaces.. we have thoroughly enjoyed documenting the complete transformation of an old Halifax Street Art Gallery into what is now home to Oxigen Landscape Architects.

It’s pretty special seeing what goes into a building as its being meticulously constructed, so many hidden and behind the scenes processes that you would never know just by looking at the finished product. So much care and communication between everyone involved. It’s a beautiful thing. To see the whole process. have a look here, and also here.
A perfect blend of Oxigen, (Architect), Interior, (Builder) & Spud, (Fabrication) brought this awesome project to life.


The atmosphere in Oxigen Architects office is nothing but calm & relaxed, with a feeling of incredible productive happiness! Imagine having lunch in that rooftop garden!


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