Almerta Station – Advertising Photography

Almerta Station Advertising Photography Sunset

The day arrived to set off on our incredibly rewarding adventure up North in the Flinders Ranges. We were fully prepared with all gear, cameras, lights and supplies for three days at the beautiful Almerta Station, just north of Orroroo in South Australia. It was so exciting to finally be driving down the entrance road to meet Shane who apparently was equally as excited to meet us! How perfectly exciting! 

After settling in to our homestead, Shane chauffeured us around her gorgeous Flinders Ranges property deciding where we were going to capture moments for the advertising photography she had planned to promote her station.

With so many opportunities and gorgeous locations for beautiful images, we made plans to easily fill the following two days. 

Between happy smiley kids and families completely loving the outdoors, stunning scenery and views from within the creek to the tops of the hills, the peaceful water hole, and the ever so loyal red dog who so diligently accompanied us to the top of the hill before sunset.. of course wanting to be in every photograph! ..our adventure was a complete success. 

Together we all created a range of images that bring to life the feelings and emotions that Almerta is all about.

We were so grateful to be part of this advertising photography project and loved absolutely every minute of our time up there. 

Almerta Station Advertising Photography Kids Playing Nature Play
Almerta Station Advertising Photography Rock Climbing