SYC – Advertising Photographer

SYC Donuts Advertising Photographer

We were invited back by the awe-inspiring team from White Rhino to combine thoughts with them on an exciting project with their longstanding client, SYC. A new document was being designed and laid out that required a large range of colourful images to help tell the story. This was absolutely what we love to be a part of and accepted with enthusiasm to join the fun!


Being told during the first meeting that we were onboard again because we “smashed the last job out of the park”, put the pressure on! We love that.. let’s work even harder to bring this one home then! So excited! Advertising Photography is always challenging but so rewarding.

The list of required images was extensive with a lot of thought gone in from everyone involved, setting us on our way to help find suitable locations and backgrounds. Many hours of adventurous exploration brought what was required to move forward and get the the photo shoot days booked in. Of course, there was a small window to work within to get this all done!

Even with rain, early alarms to get to remote location on foot before sunrise, misplaced car keys, and some heavy wind requiring two people to hold onto a light stand, everything that makes us think harder, it is an absolute testament to everyone involved that every part of each day ran so smoothly and was truly brilliant. All images were delivered on time and the finished document told the story perfectly, with everyone at SYC still talking about how much they love the images months later. So proud 🙂

Looking forward to the next chapter..!