G’Day Meat – Advertising Photographer Adelaide

Gday Meat Eye Fillet Advertising Photographer Adelaide

Meat, meat, some chicken, some pork, and more meat! In fact, three full days of photographing meat! What an absolute adventure, working with the team from G’day Meat.. so passionate, friendly and absolutely driven to grow their passion of selling quality meat online.

The studio was all go with meticulous prepping, cleaning, handling & styling of all the varying cuts & varieties, some small, some majestic, some fiddly, and a tomahawk steak that nearly needed two people to lift! ..this was a seriously intense few days that was super exciting and had us all completely immersed. I had never imagined a job like this would emerge for us in the wonderful world of commercial photography.. again, every single job we are presented with, we get so excited about and bring everything we possibly can including all the enthusiasm we can fit in to make sure everyone leaves smiling!

Being part of the G’day Meat re brand, with our part as advertising photographer was absolutely awesome, and can’t wait to see them out there in full flight.. sending meat all over the place!

The only thing missing during the photo shoots was the bbq! Hmm;)! ..but there were a few vegetables!