The Smelly Cheese Shop – Commercial Photographer ADELAIDE

Smelly Cheese Product Platter Commercial Photographer

I can’t believe how excited we get when the unloading of our huge amount of equipment begins, and start setting up for a seriously long day of cheese photography! Lights, cameras, ladders, props, backgrounds, stands, sandbags, tiles, wooden boards, computer, tripods, everything and more that we need as a commercial photographer! It always looks like so much, but then once we’re setup, and are using nearly everything we brought in, we think, wow! ..not to mention, how much exercise, steps and muscle toning there is going on!

The smell of amazing cheeses, the textures, colours, shapes, sizes and patterns, the vibrant conversation and enthusiasm from everyone on set, the loving of beautiful French accents expressing the sweet passionate L’amour of cheese and its appeal in each image, how could you ever want to do anything else! We love when everyone gets involved, ideas grow, cheese begins to shine, and beautiful images are created.. so truly rewarding 🙂 A huge THANK YOU to all the wonderful people that go out of their way to really make these photo shoots run so smoothly.

The Smelly Cheese Shop team are so much fun, and they exquisitely live, breathe and eat cheese! They of course sell a lot of it through their busy shop too! If you love cheese, or even if you just like cheese, make sure you give them a visit when you’re at the Adelaide Central Market next.

Fresh, Chèvre, Hard, Blue.. what’s your favourite?!