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Back Centre Lifestyle Commercial Photographer Adelaide

I remember shopping for a chair to sit at the computer with that was a bit different, and at the time, I remember seeing this super specialised shop, The Back Centre, that sell exactly just that! They were incredibly awesome on the phone when I spoke with them and the same day I had driven down and back with a loan chair to try. It was such a fantastic service, and of course I ended up purchasing the chair!

So.. now years later, I had a call from the funky team @ Figtree who said they have a seating client needing images produced for a new website.. well.. guess who that happened to be! How excited were we!

Through careful planning, style guides, attention to the details and plenty of communication, we arranged and re-arranged, then arranged, and I think re-arranged again..! a serious number of times, with the awesomely brilliant help of everyone involved, the showroom.. into various sets to showcase the products the Back Centre have on offer. Lots of laughs, more than plenty of chairs & tables, lots of fantastic people and lots of perfect harmonious energy brought the whole suite of images together super smoothly.

Again, we LOVE our job, and we love the people we meet and work with along the way. It’s all just so, well.. meant to be! Thanks to Figtree for having us along, and thanks to everyone at the Back Centre, Martha for Hair & Makeup and Neil for being the best additional impromptu assistant.. You’re all Soooo fantastic!