Royal Essence

Royal Essence Pink Commercial Photographer

We absolutely LOVE learning about small ideas that some clever person has had and turned into a booming business! It’s one of those inspiring yet, wish I had thought of that feelings that makes the roller coaster and adventure of life so awesome. We were asked by the very energetic and passionate about her business, Hannah, from Royal Essence to put together a range of colourful images, showing off her crazily brilliant idea of hiding a GUARANTEED 925 Sterling Silver Ring, Earring or Necklace inside Bath Bombs, Candles & other hand made by her team in South Australia products, to use on their instagram and other marketing.

Between fancy finger nail artwork and colour changes by the fabulous Natasha Keneally, the elegantly poised hands of Jenna Hudson holding props and laden with rings on her fingers, we enjoyed every minute of bringing together a bunch of very cool images in the studio that everyone was super excited about.

We even managed to get through the shoot without eating every prop beforehand:)!